Research Staff

Michael E. Manning, MD, PI

Dr. Michael Manning is the Principal Investigator and CEO of Medical Research of Arizona a division of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Associates, LTD. He has practiced in the medical field as a board-certified Allergist, Immunologist and Internist since 1987. Dr. Manning leads the research team in training on protocols, investigational product compounds, and about disease under study. Dr. Manning and his practice specialize in Asthma, Atopic Dermatitis, OIT, food allergy, Hereditary Angioedema, Chronic Urticaria, Immunotherapy replacement and other disease since 1995. He has conducted over 150 clinical trials, in research phase II, III and IV. He enjoys the challenges of research and the new opportunities clinical trials give to his patients. Dr. Manning’s PI oversight of each clinical trial is outstanding, he is invested in the care of each of his research volunteers, and confident in the education of all his research staff. Dr. Manning maintains his Good Clinical Practice certification through CITI, as well as sponsor initiated Principal Investigator training programs. He continues to advocate for his patients and uphold their rights along with executing high quality trial data.


Aaliyah Dean, BSPH, CMA, CRC

Aaliyah Dean graduated from Kent State University with a Bachelor of Science in Public Health concentrating in clinical trials research. Prior to her Clinical Research Coordinator position at Medical Research of Arizona, she worked as a Certified Medical Assistant for six years and interned at a clinical research site with a focus in oncology. She is now the Lead Coordinator overseeing the clinical team. Aaliyah initially became increasingly interested in clinical trials throughout her education and enjoys the variety and innovation that clinical studies have to offer. She is inspired by research and honored to be a part of new medical advances.



Kasie Thompson, BSPH

Kasie Thompson Graduated from Northern Arizona University with a bachelor’s of science in public health along with a secondary discipline in psychology. Through her education Kasie assisted in clinical trials which sparked her interest to pursue a career in this field. She joined Medical Research of Arizona in 2021 as our Clinical Research Assistant and has since taken on the role as a Clinical Research Coordinator designated to our phase IV studies. She oversees the laboratory maintenance and obtains biological samples to process them to IATA and OSHA standards. She is managing the data entry and query resolution as well as recruiting for protocols.



Briana Hernandez, CRC, Regulatory and Finance Manager

Briana Hernandez undoubtedly realized she enjoyed research when she started coordinating trials in 2017. She previously gained experience as a Clinical Research Coordinator on ophthalmology, oral, and device studies as well as previous allergy and asthma studies. Briana manages and oversees the regulatory and finances of clinical trials for Medical Research of Arizona. She is also in close correspondence with our sponsors and Institutional Review Boards throughout the duration of the studies and ensures GCP standards are adhered to.




Briana Fodor, BS, CRC

Briana Fodor graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor Degree in Biology. After graduating ASU, she also earned her certification as a Veterinary Assistant and worked at a pet hospital where she gained broad medical skills and an understanding for general physiology. She initially began working in clinical research coordinating skin care and cosmetic studies. Briana later decided to expand her education and experience in clinical research to have a more medical focus. She accepted the position at Medical Research of Arizona to further explore her interest in clinical trials and help volunteers find treatments to improve quality of life.



Monica Chacon, MS, BS, Regulatory Coordinator

Monica Chacon graduated from Colorado State University with a Master of Science in Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology. She worked as a veterinary pathology technician after which she transitioned to biomedical animal research to further study infectious disease and prophylactics. She performed necropsies, processed tissue, coordinated studies, and was responsible for keeping study materials up to FDA standards. With a large spectrum of experiences, she developed a deeper interest in federal regulation and quality assurance. Her key focus as a Regulatory Coordinator is to maintain honest, high standards of GCP documentation and sponsor adherence at all times.